Passion + Photography

Why I enjoy photography
I enjoy creating a product that people love and enjoy. I enjoy the personal growth I enjoy delivering results to clients to see and share. I enjoy learning with photography I'm always learning. As long as I'm learning I'm never bored and this is a profession for the new and innovative.

My start... to present
I got my start with photography during rehabilitation many years after surgery. Early on, I enjoyed the simple thrill of capturing photos along my day walks and I would plan travels to take gear photography. As I grew stronger, my desire to capture engaging images continue to grow. Briefly taking courses in photography and design, I began working for my local school, community groups, and college. I enjoy the opportunities these groups provide me early in my career. Now, you can find me capturing travel, landscape, and event photos along with portrait headshots and editorial pieces. I enjoy freelance photography it is my passion and I'm inspired by the greats that became before me such as Arnold Newman, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams. These photographers embody the version of photography and pave the way for creative expression. It is through pursuit of passion and professional development my photography grows. I am feel privileged to share my passion with you.

Yancy Mosley


Below are list of my capabilities and photography styles for clients in need.






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