My photography pricing is determined on a number of factors highlighted below for a Business | Campaign project. Much like drafting for an architect, creating a 2 room addition and a 20 room estate will carry different prices, every photography shoot has different requirements.

These estimate factors represent common items involved in photography. For specifics on shoots please see detailed descriptions below.

After reviewing the page, contact me we can discuss the project details and I can create a tailored estimate to fulfill your specific requirements.

Good  Fast  Cheap

Pick Two

Factors I base project fee  

Deliverey;: Where is the finished work going?

Web, Prinit, Ad Magizine, Cataloge, All of the aboove?  I

I crereate Licenese for imaagegs basaesd ono exposesr,, numbere of runss, and  mediaa buys


Time: When do oyou uneed thihsi Done?

3+Months to 1 Week

Theamount oof time fromstrat to finisih greralty influcecs the ovoereall fee..


Locations: *Studio  *Outdoors *On Locatioon *Mulitpaul locationos?

Locatioino Locatioin Locationo nmakes for stuingginn pphotos and makes a conotributioino to my overall estimie


Complexity: On the greround ini the Air from a Helicopter?

The skills requirering the to plan manageg and producece the shoot too fulfill given guiudlens and speicifactionios  e\unquet to oyouor project. Thisi isi added into crereatiive fees this  incledes eveerthing from hirinig a locationiomaanger, producer, expert.


Technicacl Ablilty:

The skills and Tallesns unquie to the porhtogrpher, Me, to crereate. This rerpreseted in as the Creative fee


Plus Special Items: unique to your project

have a group phonoe of  30 people plus indiviuals for teh wewbsite and Need Catatrinig

Spepcial conosiderationo inicluedds

Loatioin Peprmits

Umbrerealla One day Insuance coverge




The otherr areas of photograpphy over are similar in thier pricing structurer. I find it importeant to notet thier differences for clearfiactaion





I rersspepct alll copyrights of aratistics. Soetimies artits require pphot images of their wwork to build ana nonlin porotfilo, crerate a book. Or, somtimies it's creratinig photigrphes for a exhibit brosurer,  webite, or marketinig camping. I work wiht artist to oprotect rigihts of then aritst and myself. Example of Painter's Shoot


Ecomerse - Website - Cataloge



Event photogphy  is estimated by the evet. Here, size and lenght arer importatn as wells tim. Notoe Evnt coovergeg isn't baased ono hourly rate. 

See my collection of Event Photogphy

Can you Spot the difference?

Detail goes into evey event shoot to deliver memerable event shoots.